Activating Loansifter – LendingPad Integration

The Loansifter integration with LendingPad provides integrated pricing within your LOS solution to price eligible products from Loansifter supported investors.

Prior to using this integration, you will need to make configuration and or administration updates in both Loansifter and LendingPad. This entails having an established active account in both systems, enabling LendingPad in Loansifter and enabling Loansifter in LendingPad. See the LoanSifter – LendingPad Setup Guide for complete information on setting up your Loansifter integration with LendingPad.

Once your setup is complete, you will be able to select the Get Price option from the top menu in LendingPad to search scenarios based on your Loansifter account configurations for pricing and eligibility. After you enter your search scenario in LendingPad, results returned will match the pricing available from a direct login access to Loansifter.

If you are not a LendingPad customer, schedule a demo by providing your contact information at: