Loansifter Best Rate Search Behavior – Expired Pricing

Pricing is expired in Loansifter nightly. Pricing remains expired for an Investor until new pricing is received. Expired pricing is displayed in Loansifter with a tag “Expired” and the Last Updated date will show when the Investor priced last.

The default behavior for Price Search behavior is to Display results based on the best available rate for the target price. This option allows you to see the available products’ prices for the best available rate across all investors at their price. For this feature Loansifter will prioritize available pricing to determine the rate to anchor for best price. If all pricing is expired, then no special priority is given in the best ex evaluation. 

Below the expired pricing for Excelerate Capital Wholesale displays at 4% at a price of 100.925 but has a better par offer at 3.875 at 100.468. The first available NON Expired rate, First Savings Bank Wholesale, you will see that we anchored on 4% since that was the best price investor rate at par for available pricing at 100.262. Excelerate Capital offers more rebate at 4% and in turns displays first in the summary row of results ordered. 

If you change the default price behavior to Display results based on the target price. This option allows you to return all investors best rates at or closest to Par. The difference here is that rates may be different at par for each investor.