MortgageHippo Leverages Optimal Blue’s API to Bring Transparency to the Loan Process

MortgageHippo has partnered with Optimal Blue to help clients deliver a wholly transparent borrower experience with accurate loan programs and rates in real-time using the Optimal Blue API. This enterprise integration allows MortgageHippo clients to customize their own pricing configurations seamlessly for the benefit of borrowers through the Optimal Blue platform.

“Today’s consumers want transparency in their mortgage process, especially through digital channels where they are likely shopping around,” said Valentin Saportas, CEO of MortgageHippo. “Our integration with Optimal Blue enables lenders to maximize conversions by giving those borrowers what they are looking for: accurate loan programs, rates and closing costs in real time.”

Optimal Blue’s best-in-class eCommerce platform consumes product and pricing content from the industry’s largest network of investors, provides intelligent selection and customization of that content as desired by lenders, and distributes the personalized results to leading technology providers via RESTful APIs – wherever, whenever it matters most.

“Borrowers want a mortgage process where they know they have the latest and most accurate information at their fingertips,” said Bob Brandt, Vice President of Marketing & Alliances for Optimal Blue. “By integrating with Optimal Blue, MortgageHippo delivers on that expectation of borrowers, increasing both satisfaction and closing rates.”


MortgageHippo works with lenders to devise and implement their digital mortgage strategies using its borrower-centric digital lending platform. The MortgageHippo platform allows lenders to deliver a modern borrowing experience, improve borrower conversions, significantly reduce origination costs and integrate with other innovative technologies. MortgageHippo’s platform is fully customizable to lender preferences and configurable to lenders’ workflows and processes. For more, visit


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Bob Brandt
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