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TruHome Solutions significantly transforms service offering.

A major reason that TruHome selected Optimal Blue was its product and pricing engine (PPE), which allowed TruHome to cost-effectively and easily build and maintain unique portfolio products for each credit union client in a self-managed environment. Competitors did not offer TruHome a comparable, cost-effective and easy-to-use tool to build and maintain unique portfolio products in a self-managed environment.

With Optimal Blue, loan officer product eligibility and pricing processes are fully automated and dramatically faster. Optimal Blue automatically calculates and displays eligible portfolio and conforming products and rate quotes in under 30 seconds, representing an incredible 98 percent time savings.

Optimal Blue has also simplified and streamlined the daily rate setting process for TruHome’s credit union clients. Automation has replaced manual, labor-intensive processes. “With Optimal Blue, TruHome has automated daily price sheet generation for our credit union partners, using real-time investor data. And, we have the ability to customize pricing to each credit union’s unique business objectives,” Spurgeon stated.

Product eligibility is automated with Optimal Blue and includes every credit union’s unique portfolio loan programs. Spurgeon explains, “Credit unions often develop unique portfolio mortgage products for their membership. We have built these tailored products in Optimal Blue, which electronically populate into our loan origination system. This enables loan officers to quickly evaluate all options to arrive at the best decision for the member.”