University Federal Credit Union enhances member service.

In 2011, UFCU selected Optimal Blue to automate product eligibility, pricing and rate lock processes at the credit union based on Optimal Blue’s attractive return on-investment (ROI) reputation and service levels. The management team selected Optimal Blue after comparing multiple options, finding the other solutions to be more expensive, provide less functionality, or both. Considering Optimal Blue’s formidable reputation in the mortgage industry, particularly with many successful credit unions like UFCU, they saw Optimal Blue as the low-risk choice for the credit union. “Optimal Blue’s reputation is exceptional and well-known in the mortgage industry – everyone knows how great their products are,” said Wolfshohl. “However, with Optimal Blue, we found products we could easily implement to fill our needs today, and a total solution we could draw upon based on how we plan to grow, expand, and develop in the future.”

In late 2016, the credit union took another significant step forward when they decided to make a concerted effort to expand loan sale margins by facilitating a change from best efforts to mandatory delivery. UFCU explored different vendor alternatives, but found Optimal Blue’s Enterprise Secondary Marketing Solution as the compelling choice. Since they were already using the product eligibility, pricing and lock automation capabilities of Optimal Blue’s end-to-end solution, they found implementing the additional pipeline risk management and hedging capabilities to be a very straightforward process. Furthermore, UFCU’s desire to self-manage its hedging capabilities was a service offering not found with other vendors they considered.

In Optimal Blue, they discovered self-service, full-service, and hybrid service offerings, bringing the credit union more choice and flexibility. With several recommendations from successful credit union users, as well as years of outstanding support with Optimal Blue, UFCU’s selection of Optimal Blue’s pipeline risk management and hedging capabilities was an easy decision.