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Optimal Blue Launches New API Initiative

— APIs enable clients and technology partners to connect pricing data; available now —

Recently at the MBA Technology conference in Chicago, Optimal Blue – the leading provider of product eligibility and pricing services and operator of the mortgage industry’s digital marketplace – unveiled its new Application Programming Interface (API) initiative. The first deliverables available through Optimal Blue’s new API platform, allow secure access to pricing for eligible products for both consumer direct and loan officer implementations. The APIs may be used by customers who wish to integrate product and pricing data with proprietary website, mobile, or point-of-sale solutions, and by vendor partners whose solutions are enhanced through the integration of originator-specific price data for eligible products.

Through this API initiative, a core element of Optimal Blue’s strategy, the company will enable an ecosystem of third party developers serving Optimal Blue customers. Scott Happ, CEO of Optimal Blue, stated, “Our goal is to support integration through contemporary and best-in-class API technology, with any third party or in-house system that our customers may choose to deploy.” Several vendors have already agreed to utilize the APIs with an eye toward demonstrating functionality at Optimal Blue’s 2017 Client Conference.

Optimal Blue’s API products leverage Microsoft Azure’s API management platform. In accordance with the company’s newly adopted API-first strategy, the development team is already at work on the next set of APIs and expects to deliver locking and historical pricing functionality later this year. Sue Baker, VP of Product, explained, “While we are happy for customers to utilize the native Optimal Blue user interface, we are equally supportive of customers who would prefer to use third-party or proprietary systems whose UI/UX is supported by our API.”

Optimal Blue’s advanced API products include:

Best Execution Search Results: This API product supports scaled and streamlined product and pricing data to simplify display results directly to consumers.

Complete Search Results: This API product supports a richer data set and call library than the Consumer Direct product. The Full Results API allows for QM testing workflows, best price scenarios, as well as all eligible product scenarios. Subsequent calls for more information regarding product and pricing details, ineligible products, and lender fees are also supported.

During a recent beta period, interest in Optimal Blue’s API was strong, with several customers and vendor partners beginning implementation. Two top tier lenders began deployment, one for a Consumer Direct implementation and the other within a proprietary loan officer portal. “After five months of heroic effort by our API team, we are delighted by the support we are receiving from our most progressive customers,” said Erin Wester, product leader of Optimal Blue’s API initiative.

Vendor partners, all of whom serve Optimal Blue customers, have also expressed strong support for Optimal Blue’s API initiative. According to Bob Brandt, VP of Marketing and Alliances, “Our vendors are over the moon about this initiative because they understand that this will significantly empower them to both innovate and better serve our mutual customers.” The vendor partners who integrate with the company’s new API will be highlighted on the Optimal Blue API Developer Portal.


Robert J. Brandt
Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Alliances
(469) 609-5585