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Optimal Blue Extends Social Media Platform with Integrated Publishing Capabilities

— Designed specifically for mortgage professionals, newly released publishing capabilities empower loan officers and automate engagement with marketing and compliance functions —

Optimal Blue, the leading provider of secondary marketing automation and services in the mortgage industry, announced today the release of their powerful social media publishing tool. Optimal Blue’s publishing solution was released with complete integration to the unique monitoring, audit, and collaboration capabilities of their comprehensive social media platform, the only all-in-one platform designed specifically for the needs of the mortgage industry.

Using a library of approved templates and other corporate assets, the publishing tool enables loan officers to schedule and post relevant content to any of their social networks with ease. Users benefit from an intuitive publishing scheduler that makes the process of arranging social interactions across the organization effortless. A built-in calendar manages posts across all profiles, networks, and campaigns, while detailed reports track engagement metrics across all social networks.

Unlike any other service being offered in the mortgage space today, Optimal Blue’s social media platform is developed around NMLS® Consumer AccessSM. It is pre-loaded with every mortgage professional in the country, enabling originators to quickly take advantage of the solution without the burden and hidden cost of user administration.

Optimal Blue’s end-to-end, fully automated social media platform also allows originators to manage the social networking activities of their loan officers through monitoring, audits, and collaboration. Automated, ongoing monitoring enables real-time oversight of social activity and proactively identifies mortgage-specific trigger terms and keywords to isolate compliance concerns that may require remediation. On-demand audit reports aggregate trends within an integrated portal, so management can easily view the organization’s digital presence and assess all compliance findings. Corporate campaign enrollment, team content sharing, and multi-network posting are also made possible through advanced collaboration tools.

“Social media is an extremely powerful business development tool for today’s originator,” explained Michael Stallings, Vice President of Comergence by Optimal Blue. “By leveraging modern automation through our end-to-end social media platform, originators not only exceed regulatory expectations, they can efficiently communicate their value proposition and gain a significant competitive advantage at both the corporate and loan officer level.”


Robert J. Brandt
Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Alliances
(469) 609-5585