Adding a Business Channel

Contact your Client Services team if you wish to add a new business channel.

Make sure to specify:

  • Name of the new entity
  • Parent entity (If more than one corporate channel exists, specify which corporate is the parent.)
  • Entity Type: Retail, Wholesale or Correspondent
  • Integration
    • If there is a TPO override needed if the entity is integrated with Encompass TPO
    • If your business need simultaneous logins
  • Form configuration – Entity from which to mirror forms
    • Client Services will copy custom forms from an existing business channel to the new business channel

Additional Settings to Consider in the Admin Tab in the Lender Site

  1. Entity preferences – Use the Entity Preferences report in Configuration Views/Reports (export to Excel) to see all entity preferences settings for existing business channels. This will help you determine how to configure the entity preferences for the new business channel. Please contact Client Services if you need to update the Internal Change Request settings.
  2. Look & Feel (see logo steps below)
  3. Search Results
  4. LO Pipeline Column Headers
  5. Drop-down Options
  6. Email Templates
  7. Lock Exp Alerts
  8. Compliance Checklist
  9. Mortgage Insurance
  10. Price Concession

Steps to Add Existing Logo to Lender Site

(Please wait 15 minutes after adding the business channel before starting this process.)

  1. Login to the Lender Site.
  2. Right click on the Logo in the top left navigation.
  3. Save the Logo to your desktop.
  4. Click on the Look & Feel Admin from the Admin tab in the Lender Site.
  5. Choose the new business channel from the Entity drop-down.
  6. From the Logo Upload section, choose file and browse to Logo.
  7. Click Upload for Preview. If the logo looks correct in the preview area, click “Approve New Logo”.

Additional Settings to Consider in the Configuration Site

  1. Entity preferences
  2. Fee Schedules
  3. Markup Schedules
  4. Dynamic Markups & Rounding
  5. Rate/Price Selection Strategy
  6. Manage QM Policies
  7. Pricing Outputs (turning investor pricing on for business channels)
  8. Entity specific eligibility or adjustment rules on investor entities (if applicable)

Click here to download a PDF document of this article.

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