Adding and Editing Contacts – Loansifter

Using Contacts allows you to save search scenarios for a specific contact and re-price that scenario at any time with one click. See the Managing Scenarios help article for additional information.

Adding Contacts

Select the Contacts menu, then the New Contact button to open the Add New Contact page. Enter the information for the new contact and select Save. 

To use the bulk upload feature, select the Download Contact Template link, update and save the contact information locally. Then select the Choose and Upload buttons or drag and drop the file into the upload space to import the file.


View and Editing Contacts

To view the details for a contact, select the pencil con in that contact’s row in the contact list to open the Contact Details screen.

To enter new or update existing information select the Edit Contact link. Select Save when you are finished editing.

To delete a contact, click on the trash can icon in that contact’s row in the contact list and then select Delete in the confirmation box. You can also select Cancel to escape the delete mode and return to the Contacts page.

To bulk delete contacts, select the checkbox on the Contacts page for each contact you wish to delete then click the Delete Selected button.

Saving Scenarios to Contacts

This option is available after entering a search scenario and selecting Save Scenario rather than Submit. Saved scenarios can be submitted for updated pricing at any time using the Re-Price Scenario button.

When you save the scenario you can assign it to an existing contact or create a new contact to assign the scenario to. When you select Save, the new contact is saved to your Contacts list with the scenario assigned.

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