Branch Markup Manager – Setting Branch Level Markups

This guide describes how to configure markups by branch and product category in the Branches tab in the Lender site.

Branch Markup Manager – Setting Branch Level Markups

Setting Branch Level Markups

Markups can be configured (in dollars or point values) by branch for each product category.

NOTE: Secondary Users: For information on enabling the Branches Tab and configuring branches and product categories, refer to the Branch Markup Manager – Configuration User Guide.

Secondary Users: Perform the following tasks in Optimal Lender.

  1. Select the Branches tab.

  2. Under the Margin Configuration option, type the markup value in the appropriate branch column, or type in the All Branches cells. You can configure markups in points (in the first grid) or in dollars (in the second grid).Then, click Apply to All.  

TIP: Markups should be configured as positive values. Any negative values will be applied as subsidies..

  1. Click Update Markups.

  2. On the confirmation dialog box, click OK.

Viewing a Log of Markup Changes

The Markup Configuration screen will give you a history of any changes that have been made once initial configuration is complete.

  1. From the Optimal Lender site, select the Branches tab.

  2. At the bottom of the Margin Configuration screen, click the Display Markups Update Log button.

The logs for Points Markups and Dollars Markups display. These logs show the changes made based on Branch and Category and show the old markup value, new markup value, user who made the change, and time the change was made.

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