Change Adjustments

You can add, remove, and modify any existing loan level pricing adjustments for any loan in your Secondary Queue. These adjustments are the same as those used in the loan officer’s final price calculation and display on the Lock Form.

Change Adjustments

  1. Select a loan.

  2. Click the Secondary Options icon.

  1. To edit an adjustment, change the text in any of the existing adjustment fields in the Change Adjustments section, and click the Save icon next to each line item adjustment you have changed. Select the Static checkbox if you want the adjustment to remain throughout the life of the loan.

  1. To delete an adjustment, click the Delete icon to the right of the adjustment.

  2. To add an adjustment, choose a value from the Loan Level Adjustments drop-down menu under the New Adjustments heading.  Enter the adjustments in the appropriate fields, and click the Add icon to add the adjustment to the loan.

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