Change Requests – Configuration User Guide

This document describes how to configure the change request feature for your users, including the maximum number of change requests allowed per loan, maximum extension days per request, specific settings for each change request type (lock extension, product change, float down and profile change).

Change Requests – Configuration User Guide

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Configure General Change Request Options

The Change Request Configuration section at the top of the Change Request page allows you to configure settings that apply to all change request types, including lock extensions, product changes, and profile changes.  The remaining sections on the page allow you to configure options for specific change request types. 

NOTE:  You must complete the change request configuration for each investor for whom you are allowing change requests.

  1. Choose the appropriate investor from the Entity Selection menu, and choose Change Request from the Activity Selection menu.

  2. Define general change requests options in the Change Request Configuration section.

  • Total Change Requests Allowed Per Loan—Enter the number of requests that you will allow for each loan.

NOTE:  This number represents that maximum number of changes of any type, including lock extensions, product changes, profile change requests, and float downs.

  • Total Pending Change Requests Allowed at One Time—Enter the total number of change requests that you will allow to be in a pending status at one time.

  • Allow Change Requests on Weekends/Holidays—If you want to allow change requests to be submitted on weekends and holidays, check this checkbox.

  • Use Lock Desk Hours as Change Request Cut Off time—If you want to restrict change requests to the lock desk hours, check this checkbox.

NOTE:  If you do not check this checkbox, users can make change requests at any time.

  • Allow Other Change Request Types After Lock Extensions—If you want to allow other types of change requests after a lock extension, check this checkbox.

NOTE:  If the lock has already been extended, the change request will be priced off the original lock period.

  1. Complete the configuration for any change request types that you want to allow.

    For more information, refer to the change request configuration solution articles for each type of change request.

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