Configuration Site – Investor Activities (Layer 2)

**To schedule this training, contact your Optimal Blue Client Success Manager.** 

Course Overview

The Configuration Site – Investor Activities Training introduces you to the features that can be performed at the Investor level by the internal Optimal Blue Administrator. In this course, you will study how to configure investor settings and the steps necessary to turn on a new investor within Optimal Blue. The course covers the following main areas: 

  1. Manage Products 
  2. New Investor Configuration – 3 Key Screens: Entity Preferences, Pricing Outputs, Pricing Status/Import 
  3. Configuration Status 
  4. Rule Texts 
  5. Change Requests 
  6. Bulk Category Assignment

Lesson 1: Manage Products and New Investor Configuration

  • Manage Products- accessing the investor’s full product offering. 
  • Key Screen #1- Entity Preferences 
  • Key Screen #2- Pricing Outputs 
  • Key Screen #3- Pricing Status/Import 

Lesson 2: Configuration Status, Rule Texts

  • Configuration Status- Manually rolling out products 
  • Rule Texts- Script custom text messages 

Lesson 3: Change Request, Bulk Category Assignment

  • Change Requests – Configuring allowable options such as Lock Extensions, Profile Change, etc. 
  • Change Requests – Relocks
  • Change Requests – Price Concessions
  • Bulk Category Assignment- Customize the categories for products at the investor level.

Printable Overview:

Optimal Blue Training Course Overview: Configuration Site – Investor Activities (Layer 2)

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