Creating and Deleting Filter Sets

Create Filter Sets

You can create a new filter set from the Scatter Plot Graph view of Optimal Advantage. 

  1. Display the scatter plot diagram of the filter set on which you want to base the new filter set by clicking the Draw button for the filter set on the Fair Lending landing page.

  2. Show the filter settings by clicking the down arrow next to the filter categories on the right side of the page. Check the appropriate check boxes for your new filter.

  3. To display all available filters, click the Show more filters link.

  4. To save the filter, click Save As.

  5. Enter a name for the new filter set, and click Save.

Delete Filter Sets

You can delete the filter sets that you create. 

  • To delete a filter set from the Fair Lending landing page, click the Delete button next to the filter set that you want to delete.

  • To delete a filter set from the scatter plot diagram, click the Delete button in the left corner of the screen.

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