Delegated Administration – Admin Dashboard – Loansifter

As a brokerage administrator you will manage broker delegation requests on the Broker Administration dashboard.

As a brokerage administrator you can approve or deny a request from a broker and Loansifter will generate an email notification to them advising of the action taken. You can also turn off the Enabled slider to cancel delegation previously accepted from a broker.

The dashboard will reflect the following statuses:

  • Deny and Approve buttons for a pending request.
  • Enabled indicates a broker for whom you are currently managing content.
  • Self-Managed indicates a broker who either has not requested delegation or delegation has been cancelled by you or by the broker.

If you no longer wish to have the brokerage administrator role, you must contact to remove this role from your profile.

See the Administrator User Guide for more information on using the Delegated Administration functionality.

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