Delegating Administration – Loansifter

The Delegated Administration feature allows you to assign a brokerage administrator to manage approved investors, loan officer compensation plans and licensed states centrally, while users can continue to pay for their own account. Only one brokerage administrator can be assigned for each company NMLS.

Once you delegate your content management to a brokerage administrator, you will no longer see the following administrative options in your account:

  • Active Investors
  • Loan Officer Compensation 
  • Licensed States – The broker will have the ability to turn off an active state to create their own subset of the master list of active licensed states and US territories.

Delegation can be deactivated at any time by either party.

Contact to set up a brokerage administrator role within your organization. This individual must be tied to the same company level NMLS as any brokers for which they will be performing content management functions.

Once a brokerage administrator is established for your company by Loansifter Client Services, you can request to delegate administration of your content management to the brokerage administrator. The brokerage administrator must accept this request, and once they do, the brokerage administrator can perform content management functions on behalf of your account.

On the Admin menu, select the Subscription Management link and select the Delegated Admin tab. Note that if a brokerage administrator has not been established for the company, this tab will not be displayed.


You can request to delegate content management by enabling the Delegated Admin slider.

See the Administrator User Guide for more information on using the Delegated Administration functionality.

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