Drop down elements for a custom field are out of order – Internal

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Customer has changed the element labels or changed the order of the elements in some but not all channels.  It can be very difficult to correctly script rules because the rules will always use the original option number.


In Custom Field 1, elements are:

Option 1 (labeled as “1”)

Option 2 (labeled as “2”)

Option 3 (Labeled as “3”)

Option 4 (Labeled as “None”)

If the customer moves “None” to the top of the list, it is still going to be Option 4 in the code.  The can cause confusion when scripting rules and when making changes in the future.


To see the true order of the element values, you can right click on the drop down field, and select Inspect

Click on the arrow next to the highlighted <Select name=> to display the option values.

Look at the numerical order of the options.  If any of these are out of numerical order, then you know that the options were re-ordered.  

In the example below, the labeled order of the last two options were consistent, but the option values were out of order.  This caused issues with rule scripting.


After moving the last element up, and relabeling the values, they were in the correct order once again.


You may also need to review any existing rules scripted for this custom field.

If this field was used on multiple business channels, it is a good idea to review the order on the other channels.  Best practice is to have the element options consistent through all channels.

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