Eliminate Non-Eighth Rates using Dynamic Markups

You may eliminate non-eighth rates by using the Rate/Price Selection Strategy Eliminate Non-Eighth Rates. If you are using this strategy in combination with the Dynamic Markup – Create an Exact par, an issue can occur where the exact par is created on one of the non-eighth rates. Then, the Rate/Price Selection strategy for Eliminate Non-Eighth Rates would fire deleting the par rate from the rate stack offering. Since we cannot change the order in which Dynamic Markups and Rate/Price Selection fire, this solution can solve for the issue: use the Dynamic Markup “Markup your pricing based on the adjusted Rate, Price, Lock and /or Margin”.

As you can see in the screenshot below, use the “Rate” option, and build out a grid to price out the non-eighth rates so they do not appear. Then, place this Eliminate Non-Eighth Rates in Strategy 1 and Create Exact Par in Strategy 2 in the Dynamic Markups Product Category Assignments, and turn off the Eliminate Non-Eighth Rates Rate/Price Selection strategy. (If you do not have the ability to apply multiple strategies, please contact your Client Services representative to have the functionality enabled.)

For additional information download the Dynamic Markups and Rounding User Guide. 



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