Encompass Best Practices – Workflow, Features and Searches

This article describes Encompass integration Workflow, Features and Searches best practices.

Secondary Workflow

  • When you BestEx the loan in Optimal Blue prior to accepting the lock in Optimal Blue, we have seen instances where the Sell Side Lock date in Encompass is not populated. 
  • Best practice would be to perform the lock accept first then perform the best execution.

Multi-Tiered Hierarchies

  • It is not recommended to use multi-tiered hierarchies, Grandparent/Parent/Child Entities, in Optimal Blue.

Second Liens & HELOC Searches

  • 2nd lien and HELOC searches are not currently supported in Optimal Blue.
  • We recommend manually locking these loans in Encompass until this functionality is fully supported in both platforms.
  • Please consult with Optimal Blue ClientServices if you need instructions on how to manually lock loans in Encompass.

Auto Lock

  • If you are going to use Auto Lock in Optimal Blue, it is recommended to Auto Lock via SDK vs. ePass.
  • Auto Lock via ePass will provide immediate acceptance without the need for the user to exit the loan, however SDK fields (such as profitability) are not pushed.
  • Auto Lock via SDK will require the LO to exit the loan before the lock is accepted but will push additional fields such as profitability, QM, and discount/rebate that auto locking via ePass will not.
  • To configure your Auto Lock settings, please consult with Optimal Blue Client Services.

Post Lock Changes

  • All post lock changes to price or lock should be made in Optimal Blue and then pushed to Encompass to keep the systems in sync. Optimal Blue does not pull in pricing changes made in Encompass therefore any subsequent changes made in Optimal Blue will override any changes directly made in Encompass.

Milestones before Clear to Close

  • We recommend creating a milestone before clear to close and have a user run historical pricing in Optimal Blue to catch any changes to pricing.
  • In addition to a milestone requirement, some customers have created a custom Y/N field in Encompass that changes to “Y” and triggers an alert when certain impact fields get updated. Once the alert activates, a user is required to perform a profile change in Optimal Blue.
  • Customers can also use the UW Comparison form in Encompass to compare current data with approved data.

Specialty Products Drop-down

  • Customers that want to keep traditional products and specialty products from displaying in the same search results can have a custom drop-down field added to their search form. This field allows them to be able to list specialty products separately (i.e. Home Affordable) and script eligibility rules to only allow those products to display as eligible when specified.

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