Encompass Error: Update Encompass or Request Lock buttons are disabled

Loan Officer does not have the ability to “Update Encompass” or “Request Lock”, as buttons are disabled:

Things to Check: 

1. Is this occurring on EVERY loan or just one-offs? 

2. In either scenario, does the customer have auto-numbering turned on in Encompass? 

3. If one-off, does this particular loan have an Encompass Loan Identifier? 

4. If no to #3, please see “Cause” below and proceed to “Send to Customer” 

5. If yes to #2 and #3, then something could be wrong with integration thru Workbench, please un-integrate and reintegrate the business channel in question if only one channel experiencing the issue or all channels if occurring in all.



Buttons are disabled as loan has come into Optimal Blue as a Prospect rather than a Registered loan. A change made in the 10/4/13 release has forced Optimal Blue to require an Encompass Loan Identifier in order to allow any pushes (Update Encompass or Request Lock) to Encompass. 

Delete above and send to Customer: 

We are not receiving an Encompass loan identifier on this loan and therefore cannot push information to Encompass. Please add a loan number and re-attempt. It is best practices to turn on the Auto-Numbering feature within Encompass to ensure this does not continue to occur. 

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