Encompass®/Optimal Blue URLA 2020 Update (1/6/21)


The Optimal Blue team has been testing our Encompass integrations with the newly redesigned URLA form (URLA2020). Our testing has uncovered an issue related to how data is being passed between the two systems to support the URLA Subject Property Street Address field.

In order for Optimal Blue to move forward with URLA support, a key change is required by Ellie Mae®. Optimal Blue has worked with Ellie Mae on this requirement and the changes needed will be released as it relates to the Smart Client integration on January 15, 2020 at 11:00 PM CT with no downtime.

To provide more detail on this issue:

For all loans using the URLA 2009 form, the Subject Property Street Address maps to Field ID 2942 and Field ID 11. This mapping will remain in place in the future as well, for all loans using the 2009 forms.

However, when the URLA form version selected is URLA 2020, Field ID 2942 is now a calculated field that combines the Street Address, Unit Type and Unit Number fields, as displayed below.

Optimal Blue and Ellie Mae will be making a change that pulls the Subject Property Street Address from the Street Address Field ID 4516 for loans using the 2020 form, if the loan is NOT locked. We will use the loan-level Street Address Field ID (URLA.X73) in Encompass, similar to what is done on the 2009 forms with Field ID 11, if the loan is locked. Optimal Blue will also make the appropriate updates to push any changes to the Subject Property Address back to the Street Address Field ID 4516 in Encompass. 

The Optimal Blue team has also tested both Encompass TPO Connect® and Encompass LO Connect™. We have identified that a similar update is needed for the Subject Property Street Address. Ellie Mae has estimated that these updates will be available in mid-February. When complete, these changes will not require Optimal Blue to make additional updates. You will be able to test these updates as soon as they are released by Ellie Mae.

We realize that this falls short of the January 1, 2021, optional Open Production Period and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

In relation to the 2020 URLA, it is important to also note the following:

  • Optimal Blue does not plan to make any updates to support the new URLA fields for Unit Type and Unit Number, as these fields have no impact on the pricing or eligibility results. Therefore, the values of those fields should be maintained within Encompass.
  • Optimal Blue does not plan to support the new Occupancy Type of FHA Secondary Residence. Currently, there is no investor content surrounding this new option. FHA Secondary Residence is used for very specific and rare borrower characteristics, and no investors have informed our team of their intent to support this occupancy type. Certainly, we will keep a close watch on the market and will add support if/when necessary to provide you with accurate pricing and eligibility.
  • The Property Type field that is on the 1003 loan application is no longer on the new URLA form and it is not included in the MISMO 3.4 file. This is still a vital field for pricing, so we strongly encourage you to ensure this field is completed within Encompass or let your users know that if it is not complete within Encompass, this field will default to whatever option you have chosen for your Optimal Blue forms so that they can makes the necessary manual updates within the Optimal Blue platform.

The Optimal Blue Team

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