Encompass Testing (For Client Services only)

This document is to be used only by Client Services for the purpose of testing our instance of Encompass.  Do NOT provide any of the following info to customers.

When Launching the Encompass App

SmartClient ID: /BE11114326.ea.elliemae.net$BE11114326

Uncheck Auto Sign-On

Click ‘Login’

Server: https://BE11114326.ea.elliemae.net$BE11114326

Encompass User ID’s: 

To log in as a LO: 





To log in as a Sec User: 






To log in as an Admin User:


When launching from Encompass to Optimal Blue, there are multiple hierarchies set up in OB depending on what you are trying to test.

The current Default Demo Environment Password is “tFIaK1Y2RW

Best practice is to chatter at the Client Services group that you are using one of the following users for a certain length of time.  This will help insure that another Client Services agent does not interrupt your session.

For testing as a LO in a NON-AUTO-ACCEPT environment:

testsdklo1/Default Demo Environment Password

testsdklo2/ Default Demo Environment Password

For testing as a LO in a AUTO-ACCEPT environment:

testsdklo1aa/Default Demo Environment Password

testsdklo2aa/ Default Demo Environment Password

For testing as a 2ndary user (Same for both auto-accept and non-auto-accept)

testsdksec1/ Default Demo Environment Password

testsdksec2/ Default Demo Environment Password

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