Exception Requests

Admin users can enable and configure the Exception Request functionality through the Admin tab in the Optimal Blue Lender site.

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab in the lender site
  2. Click on the Exception Request admin page in the sub navigation menu.

    NOTE: If the Exception Request admin is not available, please reach out to your Client Services representative to enable. 

  • Input allowable exception request reason you want to allow your loan officers to select from their Exception Reason drop down. Click Add.

  • You can modify the display text in the drop down for the loan officers by selecting the existing exception reason, modifying the text in the text box and click Update to save.

  • Select the entity you want to configure allowable exception reasons for.

  • From the Available Reasons window, select any reasons you want to allow your loan officers to choose when requesting an Exception and use the arrows to move those items over to the Selected Reasons box. You can use the Up and Down buttons to change the order in the Selected Reasons as they will appear to your loan officers. You may also choose to apply these reasons to all entities. Click Update Settings to save.

  • To turn on the Exception Request functionality for the selected entity, select Yes in the drop down. You may also choose to apply to all entities. Click Update Preferences to save.

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