Flat Price File Template

You have the ability to upload your own file for custom products base pricing. Attached is a sample flat-file template. Save a copy and update Column A with your product names or codes. Save the updated template with a file name that would be easily recognizable as your company’s (Ex: ABCMortgageRates.xls). Once saved, email the excel file to clientservices@optimalblue.com to complete the set-up.

Things to know
1) The file name will need to be exactly the same every time it is uploaded.
2) The Excel file must be in .xls or .xlsx format.
3) Price should always be listed in 100 based (98.50 not 1.5).
4) All cells should be values only. Any formulas will cause upload to fail.

5) Flat files must be updated at least every 90 days to prevent issues with historical pricing research.

Refer to the Flat File Setup User Guide for additional information.

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