Historical Pricing Research

Secondary users may run historical pricing searches on any existing loan in the Secondary Queue. This guide describes the workflow for this functionality, including how to update a loan with changes to loan attributes and pricing.

Historical Research User Guide

Historical Pricing Research Process Steps

  1. Select a loan in the Secondary Queue.
  2. Click the Historical Pricing Research icon. 
The system automatically puts the loan into Scratch Pad Mode so that you can make and review changes to the pricing before saving the changes to the loan record. 
  1. If necessary, change the details of the loan.
  • To change or choose additional product types, terms or enter a new desired rate/price/lock, you can make the changes on the Historical Pricing Research screen.

  • To revise the loan scenario click the Product Search icon from the status bar.

  1. Make changes on the product search page, and click Submit. Changes will not apply to the actual loan record, as the loan is still in Scratch Pad Mode.
  2. Click the Historical Pricing Research icon to evaluate historical pricing with changes included.

  1. Select the First Comparison Date. You can also enter a specific date/time.
NOTE: The first comparison date will typically be the original lock accepted date on the loan.
  1.  For a worse case pricing comparison, select the Last Price Change option. 
  2. Select the Second Comparison Date. You can also enter a specific date/time.
    NOTE: In the first and second comparison date sections, choose whether you want the system to use the LO’s current entity and branch assignments or assignments from the date of lock.
  1. Click the Re-Submit button.
  2. The search results show the Eligible and results in both columns.
  3. Click the in either column to expand the pricing grid for that product.
NOTE: The system highlights the desired rate, price, or lock period in orange.
  1. Click on the Trace Pricing button or a value in the grid to see any margins, delivery pads, etc., in the pricing trace.
  2. You can display pricing with current values or lock accept values by selecting the appropriate button at the top of the pricing trace and clicking the Re-Submit button.By default, the pricing trace shows the pricing with current loan values.
  3. Scroll to the Fully Adjusted section, and then click a new price to apply to the loan.
  4. To continue, click OK on the confirmation dialog box.
  5. Confirm all fields that are updating from the historical pricing results. Uncheck the checkbox next to any changes that you do not want to save.
  6. Make any final changes to the loan adjustments for the new selected product.
  7. Click Save Selected Changes.
  8. Click OK to acknowledge the updates have been saved to the loan. This will take the loan out of Scratch Pad Mode and completes the workflow for non-integrated Optimal Blue customers. If you are integrated, proceed to the next step.

Integrated Customers only 

  1. Click the Secondary Options icon from the status bar.
  2. From the Secondary Options screen, click the Save to LOS button.
NOTE:  When a new product/rate/price is saved to the loan, it does NOT generate a new lock request. This is only considered a revision to the loan, so an automated email does not generate from this change.

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