How to Configure a Temporary Markup

This article explains how to set a temporary markup by pricing output within each investor product tree. This markup will be removed at the time of investor reprice.

Temporary Markup User Guide

Temporary Markups

Creating a Temporary Markup

Optimal Blue allows you to set temporary markups by business channel for each investor’s products/product sets.  The system deletes the temporary markups when the investor updates pricing for the product(s).

  1. From the Entity Selection tab in the configuration site, choose the investor for which you want to create a temporary markup.

  2. Select the Manage Products option in the Activity Selection menu.

  3. Select the appropriate product set or subset to which you want to apply the markup.  For example, you can apply the markup to all conforming fixed products.

  4. Select the Markups (New) option in the Activity Selection menu.

  5. Add a new markup up clicking the Add New Markup button, or edit an existing markup by clicking the hourglass icon next to the markup that you want to edit.

  6. Complete the markup details:

  • Markup Value – Apply a markup value in dollars and/or percentage amount.  

When applying markup values, positive values (for both dollar and percentage) are markups, negative values are subsidies.  

  • Calculated caps – If needed, apply a minimum and maximum calculated cap in dollar amount.  

  • Markup Level – If the markup needs to be labeled in a particular way, you can choose your markup level from this drop-down.  

  • Pricing Output – Choose the pricing output to which you want to apply this markup.

  • Mid-Day Change – Check the Delete When Pricing Updates checkbox. The system deletes this markup when pricing updates.  

  • Apply to Secondary – This option does not apply to temporary markups.

  1. Click Update.

The Mid-Day column in the Markups overview area indicates “Yes” for temporary markups.

NOTE: Make sure that you associate the pricing output applied to this markup to the appropriate business channel on the Pricing Outputs screen (Entity Selection > Pricing Outputs).

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