How to Configure Lock Period Delivery Pads

Adding a Delivery Pad

Depending on your business needs you may pad the lock terms available for an originator. For example, the investor may offer a 30-day lock period, but you want to display a 15-day lock period to your originator to give you time to deliver.

Delivery pads are configured in the Configuration site at the investor level, in the Pricing Outputs activity. If you have added a separate pricing output for each business channel or if you are using 1 or 2 outputs for many business channels, configure the deliver pad on the pricing output. Pricing outputs must be created before you can configure the delivery pad for each.

  1. From the Configuration site, select the investor for which you would like to configure delivery pads.

  2. Click the Pricing Outputs activity.

  1. Click the Edit next to the pricing output to which you want to add a delivery pad.

  2. Enter in the number of days (a positive value) that you want to pad the lock period.  

  3. Click Update.

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