How to Overlay an Investor Rule

This article explains how to overlay an investor rule. 

  1. In the Configuration Site, from the Entity Selection tab, choose the investor with the rule you want to overlay.
  2.  Choose the Manage Products option from the activity selection menu on the right. 
  3. Choose the appropriate product set or product where the rule needs to be overlayed. Consider this carefully as overlaying the rule at the set level will turn the modify the rule for all products in the set.                                         
  4. Choose the Eligibility or Adjustments option from the activity selection menu on the right.
  5. Locate the rule in the rule selection menu and click view/edit rule option from the activity selection menu on the right.
  6. Click the Overlay this Rule button.
  7. Click the Edit button under the desired Conditions or Action Types. Users can add additional Conditions and Action Types to existing rules by clicking the Edit button in the Add New Condition or Add New Action Type rows.        
    NOTE: When the user is attempting to overlay a rule inherited from a higher set level, Optimal Blue will always advise the user of the parent set and provide a direct link so users can quickly navigate to where the rule is scripted in the event they wish to have the overlay affect all products affected by the rule.

  8. Modify the Operator or Value fields as appropriate.
  9. Click the Update button.
    NOTE: It is recommended users input a message in the comments section to document the rule has been overlayed.
  10. Click the Save button to save you overlays.

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