How to Request a Lock Extension

In order to apply an extension to a locked loan, use the following procedure. 

For additional information see either the  Change Requests – Loan Originator User Guide  or the Loan Originator User Guide.

  1. Select a locked loan from your pipeline, and click the Change Request icon.

  2. Click the Lock Extension radio button.

  3. Choose the appropriate lien.

  4. Enter the number of days you want to extend the loan. 

  5. To view details about change requests, including the maximum number of change requests allowed per loan and minimum/maximum days per extension, click Cost Lookup.

  6. When done, click the Close link on the Cost Lookup details dialog box. 

  7. To view the cost associated with the extension, click the Calculate Cost button. The system displays the cost associated with this extension.

  8. Click Apply Change to extend the lock.

NOTE:  This procedure assumes that your administrator has set the system to auto-accept lock extension requests. If your administrator does not allow auto-accept extensions, the Submit Change button displays instead of the Apply Change button, and you must submit the change request to the secondary user for approval. You receive an email when the secondary user accepts or rejects your change request.

  1. On the confirmation dialog box, click OK.

  2. A message box displays when the system applies the extension. Click OK.

NOTE:  You receive an email notification when the change request is accepted. The status of the change request updates in Optimal Blue.  

For more information see the Change Requests – Loan Originator User Guide.

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