How to Request a Profile Change

The profile change option allows you to revise the loan scenario or product rate/price/lock selection for a locked loan. In order to submit a profile change request, use the following procedure.

For additional information see either the  Change Requests – Loan Originator User Guide  or the Loan Originator User Guide.

  1. Select a locked loan from your pipeline, and click the Change Request icon.

  2. Click Profile Change radio button.

  3. Choose the appropriate lien, and click the Profile Change button.

  4. On the Profile Change Search Form, change the appropriate fields for the new loan scenario, and click Submit.The system performs a new search to include the new loan scenario values.The eligibility/pricing is based on the date the lock was originally accepted; the historical pricing search results.

NOTE:  Depending on your configuration, you may be able to change the first lien search criteria.

NOTE:  The system does not alter the values of the original lock until the change request is accepted. 

  1. The Change Request Search screen displays with a list of available products. Depending on your configuration, you may be able to display different products by changing the product search filters and clicking Re-Submit.

  2. Click the Show link next to the product that you want to select.The currently selected product displays in bold text.

  3. Select the appropriate rate from the grid.The system highlights the currently selected rate in orange.

  4. Review the changes in red on the Submit Change Request screen.To submit the change request, click the Submit button. The system sends an email notification regarding the change request to the secondary users.

NOTE:  If your Optimal Blue administrator has configured your system to auto-accept profile change requests, you apply the profile change by clicking the Apply Change button. 

You receive an email notification when the change request is accepted. The status of the change request updates in Optimal Blue.  

  1. On the confirmation dialog box, click OK.

NOTE:  You receive an email notification when you submit the change request and when the secondary user accepts or rejects the change request. The status of the change request updates in Optimal Blue.  

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