How to Roll-Out Products

This article describes how to manually roll out products to make them available in search results.

Roll-Out Products User Guide

Video Demonstration:

Procedure Steps

NOTEIf you have checked the “Automatically Roll-Out New Products” entity preference checkbox, you will not have to perform the following steps to manually roll-out new products. However, you will have to perform these steps for products that you have reactivated from the inactive product list.

  1. From the Entity Selection tab in the configuration site, choose the investor for which you would like to roll-out new products by selecting that investor.

  2. Choose the Configuration Status option from the activity selection menu on the right.

  3. The configuration status screen lists all of the products you have available within that investor product tree. Any product that is not rolled out will be displayed in a gold color.  
  4. In order to manually roll-out these products, select the checkbox under the roll-out column to the right of the product name.

NOTE: You can also use the button at the top of the screen labeled Select ALL in order to select all non-rolled out products for roll-out. This option will select all open check boxes that are available under the roll-out column.

  1. Scroll to the top of your screen, and choose the button labeled Roll-Out Selected Products. This option makes these products available to you within a specific investor product tree. Products will turn from gold to green once they are active.

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