How to Upload Wells Fargo SRP Schedules to Optimal Blue

Optimal Blue customers have the ability to upload their schedules with ease. This feature allows you to set a future effective date so users can upload the SRP schedule immediately when receiving from Wells Fargo and schedule the SRP grids to apply only upon the effective date.

1. Log into the Configuration site by clicking the Configuration button on the Website Selection screen.

2. From the Entity Selection screen, locate and select the Wells Fargo Investor.

3. Select the Upload SRP activity.

Note: If this activity is not available for the Wells Fargo investor, please contact your Client Success Manager.

4.  On the Upload SRP screen:
  • Click the Choose File button to locate the SRP schedule on your computer.
  • Select an Effective Date for the schedule.
  • Input a time for the schedule to become effective (HH:MM format). Remember to specify AM of PM from the drop down list. Note: All times are Central Time.
  • Select which grids to upload, either Best Efforts or Mandatory from the drop down list.
  • Click Upload.

Note: You can verify the upload was complete by navigating to the SRP placeholder section at the bottom of the Wells Fargo product tree via the Manage Products tab. The last upload date will show in front of each SRP Source. Please allow a few minutes for the SRP placeholders to update.

If you elect to, the Optimal Blue system will inform you when Wells Fargo notifies us that your client specific SRPs have changed and a new SRP file has not been uploaded to your site for all Wells Fargo entities. The notification will display as a pop up message when logging into the Configuration Site. Users will have the option to either close the notification until the next time a user logs in or dismiss the notification until Wells Fargo issues a new SRP schedule.

The following message notifies users of an SRP Change:

Customers who prefer not to be notified of Wells Fargo SRP changes have the option to turn off the notification completely at the entity level on the SRP Upload screen. Use the SRP Notifications Preference  to enable or disable notifications.

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