Internal – Custom Form for investor adds


Customers may have customization on some business channels and not others (ex: Custom scriptable field on their Retail entity, but not on their TPO channel).  When a request is made to add a new investor, it can be difficult for the customer and Client Services to remember all of the To-Do’s to properly configure the new entity.

OTB Suggestion:

Set up a form for the customer to use when requesting a new investor with all of the items that need to be remembered.  Here is an example below that can be edited to suit the customer’s needs

ABC Mortgage Investor Add Request

Investor Name: Investor Name

Content: (Correspondent / WS, Best Efforts / Mandatory, Delegated / Non Delegated)

Available to which business channel entities: Retail / TPO / WS

Here are the items which need to be checked when a new investor is added:

Will this investor be available to Retail entities as well as TPO?

  1. If Yes
    • Add and assign Retail Pricing Output and TPO Pricing Output, both with x day delivery pad
    • Add rules for custom field “Placeholder_custom field” to newly added investor at All Products level. See an existing investor for example 
    • Add any investor specific markups (does this markup need to be applied to both TPO and Retail? Check the appropriate box)
  2. If No
    • Add Retail Output with x day delivery pad
    • Assign Retail output to the retail entities (DO NOT turn pricing outputs on for TPO entities)
    • Add any investor specific markups

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