Internal – How to Pull the XML for Affinity Partnerships Auto-Quotes

This article describes the steps to pull XML in Blue Services for Affinity Partnerships Auto-Quotes.

  1. Access Blue Services at
  2. Keep the radio button  “Loan/Pipeline Services” selected and select your customer from the drop down list.
  3. Select “Logging Options” from the left.
  4. Type in 1000 in the Affinity Partnerships field and click the Submit button.  Please see the screen shot below.
  5. Get the exact time the Auto-Quote search was run from the customer and enter this into  Diagnostics to get the Transaction ID needed for Blue Services.  Currently Diagnostics isn’t working.  There is a tech. case open to fix this (Tech case 45079). An example of a  Transaction ID # is TBD06232014  and this tells you the Auto-Quote search was ran on 06/23/2014, which is the first part of the transaction ID # and the last 6 digits is the Transaction ID, which would be 151818 for this example.
  6. Select “Lead Quoting” from the left and make sure Affinity Parternship (MTC) is selected from the drop down list and select your customer.
  7. Select the correct date from the calendar.
  8. Click the “Get Pricing” link beside the appropriate transaction ID.  Please see the screen shot below.
  9. Click the “Call Get Pricing” button.
  10. Click the  “Base Request” button.
  11. Click  the “MTC Request” button.
  12. Click the “Result” button.
  13. Click the “Download XML” button

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