Internal – How To Turn On County Configuration and Script Rules for County Groups

This article details the steps for Client Services to turn on the County Configuration activity and details the steps to script rules around county grouping.

Enable County Configuration in Script Runner

  1. Log in with OB User credentials. Click the Script Runner Button on the Website Selection screen.
  2. Choose the Add/Remove Config Page for Entity from the script list. Click Select Script button.
  3. Input the Investor entity ID, select County Configuration from the Page drop down list and select Add from the Add/Remove list. Click Execute Script.

Configuring County Groups

  1. Log in to the Configuration site.
  2. Select the desired investor entity and click the County Configuration activity.

  1. On the County Assignment screen, select:
  • Input type
    • Declining Market Type = Allows users to group counties and assign a declining market level by county
    • County Group = Allows users to group counties
  • State – The county list will auto refresh based on the selected state.
  • Click to place a check mark in each county box you wish to assign a group or level to.
  • From the group/level drop down list select the desired group/level for each applicable county.
  • Click Save Changes button when finished.

NOTE: Each level or group is a singular grouping for all states. For example, if you assign three Alaska counties to Level 1, and four Texas counties to level 2 – all 7 counties are in one group. 

Best practice is to assign all counties to their own separate county groups. The system cannot disqualify counties that have not been assigned a county group, meaning if counties are left as “none” they will not be disqualified. Client will need to create a county group for all counties in a State for rules to fire correctly. See below Autauga is the allowable county. All the others need to be set to Group B so that the system can identify them as being in a group that was not allowed.

  1. You can rename the list to match the appropriate county names or give a group name by creating a User Defined List if the customer wants to. However, if  “Group A” is acceptable to fire in the rule text, then this step is not necessary.

How to Script a Rule Using County Groups

  1. With the same investor selected, click the Manage Products tab and select the product/set to where you will script the new rule.
  2. Navigate to the Eligibility activity and click Add New Grid Set (if necessary). 
  3. If you are creating a new grid set (not editing an existing rule), name your new grid set and click Add. Best practice is to include the investor name, product/set and whether it is an eligibility or adjustment rule. For example, if we are scripting this rule at the All Products set level, we would name it BB&T All Products Elig.
  4. With the grid set added, click Add New Scripted Rule.
  5. Name your rule and click Save.
  6. Under the Conditions section, click Edit and select County Group from the Variable drop down list. Choose the appropriate Operator and Value. Click Update.
  7. Edit your Action type appropriately (such as to Disqualify if True for example). 
  8. Click Save.

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