June 17, 2022 Release

Optimal Blue is pleased to announce the following enhancements included in this release:

  • Support for pricing premiums based on property location as determined by Census Tract. This feature will assist both investors and lenders in fostering affordable housing in underserved markets and to encourage home ownership for all.
  • A new Lender site entity preference for Encompass integrated clients that adds the ability to prevent LO’s from submitting a post lock change while there is a push pending or a failed push in the push queue. This will help further ensure data integrity between Optimal Blue and Encompass and help with keeping your LOS, the system of record, up to the date with the most current and complete information from Optimal Blue.
  • Often requested enhancements to our Quick Quote functionality along with other important enhancements and resolved issues.

View or download the Release Notes for details on all of the enhancements and resolved issues included in this release. 

View the webcast recording: 

June 2022 Optimal Blue PPE Release Webcast

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