Lender Site – Originator Experience

**To schedule this training, contact Optimal Blue Client Success Manager.** 

Course Overview

The Lender Site – Originator Experience Training introduces you to the basic product eligibility and pricing functionality of the Optimal Blue system. In this course, you will study the process involved in managing a pipeline, adding loan profiles and requesting locks. The course covers the following main areas: 

  1. Pipeline Management 
  2. Entering a New Loan & Evaluating Search Results 
  3. Requesting a Lock / Features after Lock Request 
  4. Change Requests – Post Lock Functionality

Lesson 1: Pipeline Management and New Search

  • Date Range / Status Filters / Search / Sort by Header 
  • Loans per Page / Select or Release a loan 
  • Saving a Prospect / Managing Rate Alerts 
  • Copy, Cancel, Delete 

Lesson 2: Evaluating Search Results

  • Eligible and Ineligible Products / Resubmit 
  • MI Integration / Accessing Guideline Docs 
  • Fees / QM / LO Compensation
  • View and select a product, rate, lock period and fully adjusted pricing 

Lesson 3: Requesting a Lock and Features after Lock Request

  • Additional required fields 
  • Lock Form Buttons and sections 
  • Notes / MI History / FNMA 3.2 Export 

Lesson 4: Change Requests- Post Lock Functionality

  • Performing a Lock Extension, Product Change, Float Down, Profile Change, Relock or Price Concession

Printable Overview:

Training Course Overview – Lender Site – Originator Experience

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