Loan History

You can view the complete history of any loan shown in the Secondary Queue. Optimal Blue tracks the old and new value for any changed field, which user made the modification, and the date and time of the change.

Viewing a Loan History

  1. Select a loan, and click the Loan History icon.

  1. The following information displays in the loan history:

  • Log Date/Time — The date and time that the change was saved in the system.

  • User — The name of the person who made the change.

  • Loan Status — The loan status when the change occurred. For example, if an originator made a lock request, the loan status for every field that was changed when the lock request was submitted shows a “Lock Pending” status.

  • Field — The name of the field that was changed.

  • From — The value of the field prior to the change.

  • To — The value of the field after the change.

NOTE: You can sort the results by clicking any of the column headings in the results table.
  1. You can use the Loan Status selection tool to filter the types of log entries that display in the results. Check the box to the left of the loan status that you want included in the results, and click the Find Log button to refresh the results.

NOTE: When you check/uncheck the All checkbox, the screen automatically refreshes, adding/removing checks in the loan status option boxes.
To display all possible loan status values, click the All checkbox, wait for the page to refresh, and then click the Find Log button.
  1. You can view all of the changes to a specific field for the loan statuses that you selected from the Loan Status area by selecting a specific value from the Fields drop-down list. The system refreshes the screen with the results.

  2. You can view all of the changes that the system recorded with each event. Set the Fields drop-down list to “Any”, and select the Logs – By Event/Transaction radio button. The system returns a list of all fields in the history log filtered by the loan status you selected from the Loan Status area, grouped by Log Date/Time.  

  3. Click the Action button in the Action column to view the specific fields that changed during that event.

  4. When you are done viewing logs by Event/Transaction, you can return a list of all fields in the history log filtered by the loan status you indicated in the Loan Status options by selecting the Logs – All radio button.

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