Loan Type Search Information – Loansifter

You can start a new search at any time by selecting the New Search link in the left-side navigation menu. On the search form we default the field options to a common scenario using a conforming, 30-year, fixed and single-family residence. All fields can be updated as needed.

Only one loan type can be selected per search. Based on the selected loan type, additional fields will display for use in the base and total loan amount calculation. The Expanded Guidelines option will allow you to select additional parameters to search for specific products.

Based on the selected loan type the Base Loan Amount and the Total Loan Amount field will include the FMIP/PMI/Guaranty Fee or Funding Fee amounts to determine a Total Loan Amount. The LTV ratio is calculated using the Base or Total Loan Amount based on industry requirements.

For FHA/VA/USDA loan types the calculator function can be used to adjust the values used for the MIP, Funding Fee or G-Fee (if allowable).

Selecting Expanded Guidelines for the Loan Type opens additional input fields at the bottom of the page. For additional information see the Expanded Guidelines help article.

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