Manage Products – Activity Selection Overview

This article describes the activities that can be performed at the product set or product level of an investor product tree.

An investor’s product activities can be accessed within the Configuration site, by selecting the desired investor in the Entity Selection screen, and then clicking the Manage Products activity or tab at the top of the screen. Refer to the Manage Products – Activity Selection Overview Guide for addtional information.

Activity Selection Menu

Each activity can be performed with either a product or product set selected. The product tree is in a hierarchical format which means that any changes made on a parent set, will automatically flow down to any products within the set.

Markups (New) –  Users can create investor specific markups with this activity. Be sure to select the appropriate product set or product so the markups will apply to correct products.


Product(Set) Preferences – This activity is primarily used when users want to create their own portfolio products and allows users to configure the product set preferences for each portfolio product. Users may also choose to use this screen to change the name of a product or change the product code. 

Note:  If there is a change to the product name for a true investor product, we recommend that users copy and paste the current product name from the “Product (Set) Name” field and paste it in the “Product(Set) Description” field BEFORE they re-name the product.  Otherwise, it will be very difficult to research issues for that particular investor product.

Document Linking 
and Add Custom Document – Users can attach their own guidelines documents to return with specific products in the loan officer search results with the Document Linking activity. Users can upload their own custom documents to Optimal Blue with the Add Custom Document activity so they may be linked to products.


Elig, Adj, SRP Source –  This activity will primarily be used by those who are creating their own portfolio products. This allows users to select the source for a product/product set eligibility, adjustments, and SRP rules.


Eligibility – Users can see and edit the eligibility rules for a selected product set or product.  This is where users can also script new eligibility rules.


Adjustments – This is where users can see and edit the adjustment rules and grids for a selected product set or product. Users can also script new adjustments.


SRP –  This is where users can see and edit an investor’s SRP grids for a selected product.  Users can also script new SRP rules.


Rule Summary –  Provides a quick and easy way for users to view all of the rules and grids associated with a product or product set’s eligibility, adjustments, and SRPs. Users can print from this screen by clicking the “Display Printable Format” checkbox.


Set Product to Best-Ex Only – Users can quickly designate a product or product set to return in Best Ex only by clicking this activity. 

  • Once set to Best-Ex Only, the product or set will display a red asterisk beside the product or set name. When a product is set to Best-Ex Only the product(s) will no longer return in the lender site searches. The product(s) will only return for secondary users on the Best Ex screen in the lender site or in configuration site product search results. 
  • Users can quickly remove a product from Best-Ex Only by clicking the “Remove Best-Ex Only Designation”.


Deactivate Product – This activity will deactivate a product, meaning the product or set will be removed from the product tree and will not return in any searches.  

  • Users can reactivate the product(s), if needed, by using the “Inactive Product (Sets)” link at the bottom of the screen. This will show all products that have been deactivated.  
    • To reactivate a product , click the “+” symbol under the Activate column, beside that product. 
    • Always reactivate at the highest set level possible and the children products will automatically be returned to the product tree correctly. 
  • Optimal Blue does not recommend that users delete a product or product set from the “Inactive Product (Sets)” screen. If a product is deleted from the “Inactive Product (Sets)” screen, users will not be able to add it back. Contact your client services representative for further assistance.

Product-specific Activity Selections

The following two activities are only visible when a product (not product set) is selected.

Pricing Source – The pricing source activity allows users to view or modify details for a specific product’s pricing source. This activity is used primarily when creating portfolio products by either pulling pricing from an existing investor, creating a best price blend of several existing investors or for users to upload their own rates to the Optimal Blue system. For more details, contact your account manager.

Filters for Product Search –  
This screen allows users to specify what search criteria must be checked on the lender site search form for the selected product to return in search results. Users may also change the default product category assignment in the screen.

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