Managing Pricing Outputs

Pricing outputs connect Investors to Business Channels. This allows you to control which users have access to particular investors. Pricing outputs also allow you to configure investor specific markups. This guide describes how to configure pricing outputs for your investors.

Managing Pricing Outputs User Guide

Pricing Outputs

The first step to adding investor-specific markups is to create a pricing output. A pricing output links your markups and delivery pads to your business channels. You must create pricing outputs for each investor.

Creating a New Pricing Output 

  1. Select an investor from the investor list from the Entity Selection tab in the configuration site.

  2. Click the Pricing Outputs option in the Activity Selection menu.

  1. Click the Add New Output button.

The system adds a “New Pricing Output” to the available Pricing Outputs list shown in the top left hand corner of your screen.

Renaming a New Pricing Output 

  1. Click the Edit button next to the pricing output that you want to rename.

  2. Enter the name of your new Pricing Output in the Name text box.

NOTE: Best Practice is to name your pricing outputs with the same name as your business channels/entities.  For example, for each investor in your retail business channel, create a pricing output labeled “Retail Pricing Output”.

  1. Click Update.

Adding a Delivery Pad

Depending on your business needs you may pad the lock terms available for an originator. For example, the investor may offer a 30-day lock period, but you want to display a 15-day lock period to your originator to give you time to deliver.

  1. Click the Edit next to the pricing output to which you want to add a delivery pad.

  2. Enter in the number of days (a positive value) that you want to pad the lock period.  

  3. Click Update.

Apply a Pricing Output for a Business Channel/Entity

WARNING:  Before you select pricing outputs for any business channel/entity, make sure that you configure the investor-specific markups. For more information, see the Investor Specific Markup Configuration User Guide.  

  1. Select the appropriate pricing output in the drop-down menu next to each business channel. To turn off the investor pricing for a business channel, select None.

  2. Click Update Availability Settings.

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