Manually Importing Fannie Mae Pricing

If the pricing engine is encountering an issue preventing the import of an investor’s pricing file, this process will allow you to manually import Fannie Mae pricing. This is a temporary solution that can be used until the pricing engine is able to automatically price on your behalf. The Manually Importing Fannie Mae Pricing user guide is available to instructions.

  1. First, log into Optimal Blue as an Admin user and navigate to the Configuration site.  
  2. Select the investor whose pricing needs to be imported.  
  3. Select the Manage Products Activity.
  4. From here, select a product then choose “Pricing Source” from the Activity Menu.  
  5. Select to Edit the Pricing Source.
  6. Take note of the file name listed in the “Import From Which File and Identifier” field. A suggestion is to take a screen shot or write down the exact name.  
  7. Log into the investor’s website and download the pricing file/rate sheet.  You will need to save this rate sheet to your PC using the same file type and exact naming convention you took note of in the Pricing Source in Optimal Blue. In this example the file would be saved as a .csv and named fannie_mae_cheryl_5.
  8. Navigate back to your Optimal Blue Configuration Site, Entity Selection screen. Select the investor and choose “Pricing/Status Import” from the Activity Selection menu.
  9. Select “Choose File” and locate the saved rate sheet, then Upload.
    A message will display stating the rate sheet has been successfully uploaded.
  10. If the file upload is not successful, a message indicating the signature failed will display. This message indicates the file name is not matching the pricing source. Re-verify the naming convention and try the upload again.  

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