October 1, 2021 Release

With this release Optimal Blue is pleased to announce the support of construction loan products through configuration fields that can be added to the Product Preferences and Filters page to identify construction products, including additional financing attributes for construction to permanent products. New fields will also be added to search forms to filter results for construction loan products and to properly support LTV, APR, payment amount and schedule calculations.

This release also includes an enhancement to disable actions while in Scratch Pad Mode, helping to ensure the intended updates are taking place and pushed to the LOS for integrated solutions. In addition, the Loan Notes board will be added to the Change Request Submit and Accept pages to streamline communication between originators and secondary users.

Please see the October 1, 2021 Release Notes for complete information about the enhancements and resolved issues included in this release.

October 2021 Release Webcast – Optimal Blue PPE

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