Pricing Insight Reports: iPhone

This article walks Pricing Insight users through the process of enabling an iPhone to properly display Pricing Insight graphs and reports.

1. In order to properly see your orange user dot on an iPhone, you must click and download Excel from the app store (Free). Do this by clicking on the “Click here” for iPhone/OS.
2. See the email with the report attached on your iPhone:
3. If you have already downloaded Excel from the app store (Step 1 above), press and hold on the attached file (with the E) at the bottom of the email. Scroll to the right to find “Copy to Excel” (if you have not, click on the link in the email to download it):
4. The file will open in Excel on your iPhone. You can use the tabs at the bottom to see the graph and the data. The orange dot should display correctly:
5. If you do not use the native Excel app for the iPhone, you will not correctly see your orange dot (example with phone turned sideways if you just click the attachment and do NOT click and hold to Copy (open) in Excel:

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