Printing Search Results

A Print Results link is available on the search results screen to print your current search scenario with borrower information, Other Rates, and the search results tab you are currently viewing. Once you select the Print Results link, Print Preview will open native to your current browser. This print report is optimized in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Individual search results may be printed from any of the results tabs you are viewing: Eligible Products, Eligible Products With Other Rates, and Ineligible Products. The complete search scenario and borrower information is available to print and save with the search results.

For each search results tab, information and search results will be included in the print report in the following sequence:

  • Search Request Details
    • Borrower Information
    • Scenario Information
  • Expanded Product Details – if displayed
  • Other Rates – if displayed
  • Complete Search Results

In the print results report, you will notice that your expanded product details are in a separate section ahead of search results to highlight current rate grids as viewed on screen. Each expanded row or product rate grid with adjustments will display on separate pages. 

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