Regional Markups / Margins (Encompass customers) – Internal


A customer would like to have markups applied to certain regions (ex: Northeast, Southeast, North Texas, etc). 

Default Solution:

The customer could create markups for individual business channels, or Branch Margin Manager if those business channels or branches are split out by regions.

Out-of-the-Box Solution:

If the customer is not able to create markups by region due to how the Business Channels or Branches are set up, consider making use of the custom field mapping with Encompass.

  • Create a custom field in Encompass, that automatically populates the user’s region.
  • Create a custom scriptable field in OB (See Custom Scriptable Field procedures), with drop down options matching the available regions in Encompass. The field in Optimal blue should be Read Only for Registered and above so that the LO will not be able to edit.
  • The customer would then script a Dynamic Markup for those regions.

Contributed by Angela Kenworthy

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