Restrict some LO’s from requesting locks – Internal


Customer would like only some LO’s in a business channel entity to be able to view pricing, but not able to request a lock.

An example would be where they have new LO’s who are in training, and they want them to be able to get all the way to the lock form, but prevent them from actually submitting the lock.


1) Add a Branch/Broker company (Example: Training No Locking).  Leave the ‘Approved’ checkbox unchecked.

    All other Branch/Broker Co’s should have the ‘Approved’ checkbox checked

2) In the User Admin tab, change all the non-locking LO’s to the Training No Locking branch.

3) The other LO’s in that business channel entity will need to be changed to the Branch/Broker Co that has the ‘Approved’ checked.

4) In Lender > Admin > Entity Preferences > Select Business Channel > Branch / Broker Companies section

    “Do you want to force Loan Officers to be tied to an approved broker company before locking a loan?” = Yes (This can be set just for this business channel or all entities)


When a non-locking LO tried to request a lock from the lock form, they will get a popup:

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