Reverting back to original after an extension or profile change – Internal


Scenario 1: After a lock extension, a profile change was completed causing the price to revert back to the original.

Scenario 2: After a Profile change, a lock extension was completed causing the product to revert back to the original.

What to check:

1) Check the Change Request settings for the original investor.  Is it set to allow more than 1 pending change request at one time?

2) Check the Pricing Trace for overlapping request & accept times.

In the example below, a profile change request was submitted first, then a lock extension was submitted with a .20 cost.

The 2ndary user accepted the lock extension first, which applied the .20 cost, then accepted the Profile Change which wiped out the .20 cost.


It is highly suggested to limit the total pending change requests allowed at one time to 1.  

If a customer insists that they want to keep it more than one, then stress that it is important that they accept the change requests or lock extensions in the order that they were requested.  

One use case of why a customer might want to allow more than 1 at one time, is to allow Loan Officers to submit a lock extension and a concession at the same time so they don’t need to wait for 1 to be approved before doing the other.

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