Script Rules to Expire Pricing by Investor or Product

In addition to configuring investor products to expire in advanced Availability Controls, users may also want to script conditional rules to expire investor pricing. This article describes how to script this specific type of rule in Optimal Blue.

1. From the Website Selection screen, click the Configuration button.

2. Select the investor you want to configure pricing for, then select the Manage Products activity.

3. Select the desired product set or product from within the investor’s product tree. Click the Eligibility activity.

Reminder: Investor product trees are in a hierarchical format, so if you script your rule at the All Products set, the rule will flow down and be applied to all products. By contrast, if you script the rule at the
Conforming Fixed set, for example, then only conforming fixed products will have the rule applied.

4. Click Add New Grid Set. The best practice is to name your grid set to include the investor, product/set and whether the rule relates to adjustments or eligibility (Ex. FNMA All Product Elig). Click Add to save name.

5. The new grid set should be selected automatically. Click Add Scripted Rule.

6.  Name your rule so it will make sense to you. Click Save.

7. In the Condition window, click the Edit button. Locate the variable Search Timestamp Hour, change the Operator to Greater Than or Equal To and enter the desired time to expire pricing. Click Update. You can add as many conditions as necessary. For example, if you need the time to expire at the half hour mark, you can add the variable Search Timestamp Minute (see screen shot below).

NOTE: All scripted timestamps are Central Standard Time

8. Under the Action Type menu, click Edit and locate Expire Pricing from the drop down. Click Update to save. In the example below, pricing will expire for the selected investor at 6:30 P.M.

9. Click the Save button when finished.

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