Scripting Adjustments Intended as Markups

In the event a markup cannot be accomplished through one of the various other methods, users can also script rules that adjust the price without displaying this adjustment to their loan officers.

1. Login to the Configuration site by clicking the Configuration button on the web site selection screen.

2.  Select the desired investor whose products you want to script the markup rules for and click the Manage Products.

3. Select the product or set where the rule applies and click the corresponding Eligibility or Adjustment activity.

4. Locate and select the rule you wish to edit and click View/Edit rule (if you are scripting a new rule select the an existing grid set or create a new one and click the Add Scripted Rule link).

5. Script or edit the rule as necessary:

  • If the adjustment should not apply to the investor price, add the condition: If ‘Search Type is Buy-Side Search’.
  • If the adjustment needs to be hidden from originators, make sure to add the action: ‘Hide Rule from Loan Officer Display’.  N/A will default as the value.
  • To ensure the adjustment is deducted from any max price properly (protected as profit), add the action: ‘Adjust Applied Maximum Price’.  The action value should be exactly the same as the ‘Adjust Price’ action value.

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